Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Buddy Walk!

We are wrapping the weekend around here as we celebrated Cora with her 4th Buddy Walk.

I can hardly believe it.  It was a very chaotic weekend, and though we are exhausted and a bit overwhelmed, it's impossible not to feel very loved.

The weekend itself was a little bit crazy.  Miss Ruby decided to scream through much of the walk and the time after, so we found ourselves seeking shade and lying down on a blanket on the cement to calm her down for a good portion of the festivities.  Oh, and I thought we lost Cora for a few minutes (who really was with her dad), so that caused a good panic.  And Cora came down with a new and exciting rash and swelling that took us to the ER instead of home after the walk. (But she is fine.)

But she did walk and run, dance and play, hula hoop and sing. And we loved seeing how far she has come.

Even though the weekend felt like all kinds of damage control, seeing my loved ones come out celebrate Cora is a feeling I don't think I will ever tire of.

I may not have quite the euphoria that other Buddy Walks have brought out, but I can honestly say that I am so grateful for the friends and family that came out to support us, the family members who came into town for the event, and for all our wonderful community friends. 

Thank you.

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