Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Day Post-Op- Planning to Extubate

Cora's cardiologist came in to talk to Nick this morning and said she's looking great.  He recommended extubating so we're in the process of waiting for that to happen.  They took her off the Fentanyl drip a little while ago, and are waiting for her to start to wake up.  In the meantime, the respiratory therapist has slowed the vent to allow her to do some of the breathing on her own.  The idea is that by the time she is off the narcotics and awake they will remove the tube.  We are excited to see her awake and have the tube out, and are hoping that she's not too upset afterward.  This is also exciting because the sooner she's off the ventilator the sooner she will be out of the PICU and onto the pediatric floor.

Of course, the ped floor doesn't have a quiet room for parents to try to sleep, so it may be harder to try and rest.  But I seem to be failing in the rest and sleep quest these past few days anyway.  I did get a solid 4 hours of sleep in the parent room, which is more than I usually sleep at a stretch due to pumping and feeding.  But I pushed the pumping out a bit and slept.  Of course, I've been awake since 3 now.  And it's SO frustrating, since I know I need sleep to stay together and stay healthy for my little Bean.  I know it's recommended to rest well the night after surgery since she's medicated anyway, but oh well.

We'll keep the updates coming as there is more to relate!

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