Monday, July 30, 2012

A Quick Beanie Fix

No, Cora has not dropped off the face of the earth.  Far from it.  She's been going non-stop.  In between all of the hustle-bustle, I've barely been able to take pictures, let alone to write about what we've been doing.

During the last couple of weeks we spent time with my sister Erin and her family, including little Cousin Kai, who is just 4 days older than Cora.  I'm always excited to get time with my little sister when she's in from Vermont. Except that this time, Miss Cora decided that Kai is terrifying. I'm not quite sure why, since he is often the perfect little toddler gentleman, willing to share, wanting to give some love to his cousin, and not sure why she always cries when he looks at her, gets close, or heaven forbid, vocalizes at all.   Poor little Kai.  And poor little Cora.  So most of our visit was spent keeping them apart and keeping them happy.  So not much time for all the photos I'd love to take of them.  I have no idea if there are even any photos of the two of them together this time.

With Erin visiting, we were out and about and all around, visited the Oregon Country Fair, hung out here in Portland, and went up to visit at my parents' house near Seattle.  In between, Nick and I took Cora to Bellingham to visit his sister and stay at a house on Lake Whatcom.  Oh yes, and I worked, and played, and took Cora to a couple doctor's appointments, and Nick worked on my car.  And so and and so on.

I've been feeling a bit like a chicken with my head cut off myself and I don't anticipate that feeling to stop any time very soon.  On Saturday we're hitting the road for a two week road trip to California.  Fingers crossed that I can keep Cora entertained and still chronicle our adventures for your viewing pleasure.

For your Beanie fix today, I don't have much to offer beyond these smartphone pics from our weekend in Bellingham.  Get a load of this baby/Daddy love. 

Oh yes, and a quick little shout out to my loving husband, on this day almost a week past our 3-year wedding anniversary.  We are so wrapped up in this parenting thing that we forgot about it until the night before, just as Cora and I were getting ready to head out of town once again.  Yes, romantic... a quick "Happy Anniversary" wrapped it up.  Maybe next year...

I do love a man in Tabasco pajamas.


  1. Happy belated anniversary! Glad all is well. It looks like Cora is having a fun and busy summer!

  2. We've been traveling, too - it's been awesome, but I'm kind of looking forward to getting back into the routine at home. I love the pictures of Cora and her dad! The pigtails rock.

  3. Cora looks really tall in that first picture with her Dad, she's grown this summer! Oh, and I think his pajamas are fabulous! lol

  4. Happy late anniversary! I agree...Cora looks so big in the first pic!!!!


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