Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Epic Day with Daddy

I've been giggling about Cora's day with her Daddy yesterday.  OK, so really it's a couple of hours with Daddy, but it still counts.  On Tuesdays I go into work for a couple of hours, so Cora keeps her Daddy busy.

Yesterday I came home to hear about their adventures: a trip to Costco and lunch.  I also came home to find a handful of pictures on the camera and Cora dressed completely in PINK.  Turns out Daddy had to find her entirely new clothes after a diaper change of epic proportions.  Proportions so severe that he felt the need to take pictures (most of which I deleted, for propriety's sake and the rest of which I will NOT share here.)  Then I got to hear a play-by-play of the events leading up to said diaper change, and the clean-up process afterward.

Pretty funny.  Good thing Cora's Daddy is such a good daddy indeed, willing to roll with the punches, even when they entail a cloth diaper and a massive load of laundry.

"See, Daddy.  That wasn't so bad, was it?"
"We'd better get this mess cleaned up before Mom comes home."

"Look, Dad!  Only 1 hand!"
Guess we'll have to see what Cora has in store for Nick next week.

And keep your eyes open for a special post on Friday, as we celebrate an important anniversary.


  1. I love my girls ;--)

  2. Good standing Cora! Can't wait for Friday's post!

  3. LOL...Sounds like my husband...The need to take pictures, and the play-by-play of everything that went down! Haha...But I have to give your husband points for being able to dress Cora in a matching outfit! Brad use to have our girls in the strangest mismatched outfits ever, and he always thought they looked fine! lol
    And look how strong Cora is standing there, good for her!

  4. LOL! John has had similar experiences. I'm impressed with the matching outfit; we get some interesting ones around here when the menfolk dress Miss K.

    Way to go Cora on the standing! :)

  5. She is looking such a big girl! I feel like she is changing. I see so much more in her face, as if that was even possible! She is so beautiful. I am looking forward to Friday's post. I can't imagine how it feels for it to be a year later. When I visit your blog, I go through my favorites and I bookmarked April 6, 2011. So that is the page I start at whenever I come here, then I hit "Home." I couldn't believe it today when I hit home and it said April 4, 2012. How has the time flown by. Your blog was the most helpful to me even before my Max was born. You and your husband and Cora helped me and my family so much in preparing for our big day which was almost 7 months ago already. I can't thank you enough and I continue to come here because I just love seeing what Cora is up to. BTW, I totally get the post about story time and how great it is that she isn't crawling. I just experienced that last Friday at my story time as typical 7 month olds crawled circles around Max and were twice his size. I feel your every word, and for now I am ok with it too. Have a happy day on Friday and a Happy Easter.
    -Alysia from babycenter

  6. Jim tries to avoid spending too much alone time with Ben. The spit up, the poop, and the endless cries for mommy are just too much. Too bad we live so far away, or Jim would take Nick out for a beer after a day like that:)


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