Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heart Day Giveaway Winners

After a whirlwind trip to Victoria, B.C. to play with lots of relatives and one very mobile and articulate little cousin, we're back in town!  But lucky Cora has visitors again. Cousin Kai is here (along with Favorite Aunties Erin and Mira), so I expect we'll be too busy to allow me much posting time.

And once again I've discovered that when I'm having fun I forget to take photos.  There are a couple of the cousins together, but not much documentation of all the fun Cora had with all her zany family.  She even got to meet her uncle Rob for the first time, who had a double lung transplant last year.  It was wonderful to see him off his oxygen!

In the meantime, time to announce the Heart Day Giveaway Winners, before we go off to find some rainy day activities.

Winners please contact me at (unless you hear from me first)!

My little Easter bunny.

Playing with the Easter goodies.

Cousins swinging.
Ferry fun!


    1. I've been forgetting to take pictures too. Looks like you had a fun trip!

    2. Love the pictures, especially the one on the ferry. Looks like a fun trip! One day I'll go to Victoria.

    3. I think the last is my face too! She looks so happy! Good luck with the piggy....Hailey loves the coins but hates releasing them :-)

    4. This post makes me miss home :(...I like to get back to the Island at least once a year!! I HATE the ferry ride!!! The kids play area sucks, one slide and a T.V screen just doesn't cut it! Hey, were the swing pictures at Beacon Hill Park??


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