Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scooting on Up - 31 for 21

Our pumpkin patch and hay ride plans were rained out today.  So we played inside for the most part with Grammie and Grampie.

One of the favorite features of their house are the landing and stairs.  Even before there were little kids in our family, we would all forsake the furniture and hunker down on the stairs, curled up with pillows.

The stairs are still just as popular, but are now the best place for climbing and jumping. 

Today Cora joined the ranks of climbers as she climbed her first stairs.  In true Cora fashion, she had to do it her own way. I've heard that climbing stairs can be a good precursor to crawling, especially in a reluctant child.  In the past, Cora would just lock her knees and yell as we tried to help her up stairs.

But today she decided it was worth it to try.  Just not in the typical fashion.  Instead of putting her knee up and crawling up with the other knee, she took a bum-scoot approach.  Foot or knee up (often by planting her feet far apart and doing a squat until she was standing in a crouch), then she'd scoot her little bum up to the step and then swing the other leg around.  She still took some spotting and encouraging, and then this afternoon seemed to have forgotten how. 

I remember reading that children with DS often will find shortcuts instead of learning to do things the difficult, prescribed (in what is considered the "right" way).  I wasn't really sure what that would look like, but now I know.  I'm not sure if her way is any easier, but it certainly keeps her out of the dreaded quadruped position.

Now I just wish we had stairs at home.

We tried to tell her that planting her face on the stair wasn't the best technique.


  1. Yaay Cora! Great stair climbing :)

  2. Ben LOVES stair climbing and has gotten quite fast but he does practice every day. Cora WILL get there before you know it:)


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