Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Few Words from Cora

Hi guys!  Cora here!

Mama said I could talk to the blog people today.  I figured it was a good idea, since Mama probably won't fill you in on all the important things like I will.

Let's see... we've been having a lot of fun here.  After we got back from our LONG trip in the car to visit people, things have been pretty great.  I got to do a whole bunch of new things. 

Like riding a bike with Daddy. 

Yeah, that's fun.  But I really don't like it when they put the helmet thing on me, or when they strap my feet in.  I like to wave my feet around.  It feels so much more natural when my feet are up by my head, you know?  But once Daddy starts riding, I like it.  It's so much more exciting than the car or the stroller.  We even went on a long ride to the pool the other day.

Yeah, the pool is still my favorite thing.  Daddy taught me to swim when we were in California.  Well, he said it's not really swimming, but it's close.  Daddy thinks I am the best swimmer ever.  I paddle my arms and kick my feet and splash.  I get to do a lot of standing at the pool and have started to figure out how to move my feet to get somewhere.  Mama said I am learning to cruise in the water.

But the best part was they finally took me on the waterslide.  Mama was worried since she said they don't know if I have atlantoaxial instability, whatever that means.  But she tested the slide and said it wasn't too bumpy so I could go.  So I went with Daddy.  The first time it went so fast and I had to grab onto Daddy's arms.  But the next times were easy!  I got to wave my arms around and laugh.  And Daddy held me up out of the water when we came out at the bottom.  So fun!

Let's see... what else?  Well, we've been reading lots of books.  Mama put all my books on my own shelf so I can read them whenever I want.  I'm really good at taking them off the shelf and every time I scoot over to read they're back up on the shelf, ready for me again.  It's my favorite thing to do at home.

Well, that and signing and singing.  I'm getting better at signing and can sign at least 25 words that my mom understands.  But sometimes she doesn't seem to know what I am trying to sign, even though it's SO obvious.  And I've been practicing this whole talking thing too.  You know.... animal sounds, words, just trying to say whatever Mama says.  It's pretty hard though, so I don't practice all the time.

And I can't forget swinging!  Woo hoo!

Oh yeah.  One more thing... I have been having fun practicing standing up.  Now I can pull myself up using Mama's thumbs.  It is so much fun that I want to do it all the time.  And yesterday, when Mama wasn't listening to me, I scooted over to her and pulled myself up to stand all by myself!  Yeah, she was pretty surprised.  That was funny.  And then I climbed up onto her lap.  Ha!  Take that, Mama!  Now I can get up there whenever I want!  He he!  I'm pretty good at climbing onto her when she's lying down too, so now I can wake her up whenever I want! 

Mama thinks this is pretty cool.  She says I am making progress, slow and steady.  She's pretty happy.

Well, that's all.  Mama said we're going to Canada soon to visit, but I think that means more time in the car.  I'll make sure she tells you all about it.

Bye for now, blog people!


  1. Awwww, thanks for the wonderful update, Miss Cora!! LOVE to hear directly from you! :-)

  2. Sounds like Cora is doing some awesome things!!! She's rockin' it with communicating!! Go Cora!!

  3. Cora, you have been a very busy girl lately, and you know how to have a good time!

  4. It's my favorite when Cora delivers her thoughts and feelings ;--) ~Daddy

  5. Thanks for the update, Cora girl! I liked hearing about the biking and swimming - and I'm impressed that you're climbing on your Mama. Good job!

  6. Love Cora posts :)...Where abouts in Canada are you visiting, the Island?

  7. HI Cora! Can I come read, swing, swim, and bike with you soon? It is too bad we live so far apart. Love, Ben


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