Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great Grandma Love

Our trip continues.  We spent a few days with Nick's aunt and uncle in Santa Barbara.  The beauty of their home was surpassed only by the fun we had with them: visiting out by the gorgeous pool looking out over the Pacific Ocean, or over dinner at one of the local restaurants.  Cora was spoiled, of course, and after a bit of a warm up period, managed some good snuggles.  Especially with Aunt Carolyn. 

Cora continues to surprise me with her happiness to be on the road.  She doesn't seem phased by the different rooms we've been in, or the new people she meets.

We've been in San Diego for the last few days, mostly here to visit with my grandmother.  I have really enjoyed my time visiting and am so happy that she has gotten the chance to meet Cora. 

Nick and I lived in San Diego for three years before moving to Portland almost 5 years ago.  During that time I was lucky to get to know my grandmother better.  Since we lived in Canada, then Texas, and then Washington State while growing up, we never got to spend very much time with my Dad's side of the family.  So I really loved having the chance to try and make up for some lost time while living down here, seeing Grandma and Aunt Louise and my cousins.

Cora was a hit at the retirement home, bringing smiles to the residents who stopped to get a peek of her shy little smiles.

Grandma's friend Judy was visiting too and scored some Cora time.

Grandma, Judy and Cora and Aunt Louise

Sadly, I am not really designed for the California sun.  The rain and the green and the trees of the northwest are definitely home, but I do miss it down here sometimes.  Even so, I'm feeling a little bit sad as we think about packing up our things to start the trip back up to Oregon tomorrow.  It's sad to say goodbye.

Time flies when you're having fun.


  1. So wonderful that Cora got to spend time with her great-grandmother! I treasure the photos of Samantha with hers, but sadly my grandmother passed away this past spring. Glad she's such a good little traveler, too! Love her flexibility. :-)

  2. Beautiful picture of Cora and her Great-Grandma :)

  3. Looks like a wonderful visit. I love the last photo of Cora and Great Grandma in matching outfits! Did they plan that?


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