Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perfect Day

 In order to avoid the 105 degree heat today we took a quick trip to Morro Bay, where it was at least 30 degrees cooler.

We picnicked on the grass next to a playground, then walked along the strip to get ice cream.

Next came the beach, where Justin and Olivia caught sand crabs.

 And Cora ate sand.

Cora wants sand to be the new food group.  Or avocados.

 Then Nick provided me with the biggest laugh of the trip to date.  After deciding to clean the sand from Cora's face and mouth, he came back with her cup.  He proceeded to remove the lid and then dump the water into the lid.  He ignored me as I asked him what he was planning to do, when suddenly he threw the cup of water right into Cora's face!  He seriously thought this was the best course of action.  Seriously.  He wasn't trying to be mean or funny.  But I just about fell over and peed my pants.  I will never understand men. 

Cora was pretty shocked too, but handled it with grace.  And admittedly, after a couple swipes with a wipe or two, she was mostly clean, if a little bit blotchy.

A collaborative and incredible feast of grilled fish tacos at the house, where Cora went crazy on some guacamole wrapped up the day.

A beautiful, beautiful day.  Thanks to Justin, Beth and Olivia for a great time.

OK, not the greatest group shot. Cora getting bored, Olivia looking away and Beth taking the photo. We tried.


  1. I have been enjoying your vacation posts, looks like you guys are having a fantastic summer :)

  2. I could see Jim throwing water in Colin and Ben's face too! Although he would claim it is important to toughen his boys up. Your trip looks fantastic! I'm enjoying catching up on all your posts.

  3. Ooh. I am jealous. Jeremy and I were staying in Morrow bay on the day little miss Cora was born. In fact the dress she is wearing in these pics I bought on her BIRTH day! It looked pretty small to me then. To think she's wearing it a year and a half later!


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