Sunday, June 30, 2013

More, Please!

The day after my whiny tired-of-being-constantly-sick post hit the air, we finally felt well enough to get outside.

So without anything really to say, I just wanted to share the joy of finally escaping the house, after the end of our most recent quarantine.  Such bliss!  Since such activities seemed like mere fantasies just a couple of days before, I had to share a little bit of our happiness with the world.  Our summer to-do list is being checked off.

My little model lounging in the back as I got her barely-used water table ready.

Happy to be outside!

Today, feeling even more like ourselves, we set out to enjoy one of Portland's beautiful outdoor pools.  Cora was in heaven.  We were having too much fun to get any water pics.

Carrot-faced at the pool!

We just may be sharing more of our summer adventures for the next few weeks, if the fun continues.  Just so happy to be out and about.

Thank you to everyone for all your well wishes.  They mean a lot.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can't Wait

I've written several self-pitying blog posts in the past couple of months. Although a couple snuck out, I didn't publish the rest.

After sitting on them, it just didn't seem right to put my sad, negative words out there.

But trust me, they've been stewing around in my head.

The last couple of months have been rough around here.  We got pretty sick in February, and then in mid-April when Cora got pneumonia, she and I started a cycle of sick that just hasn't stopped.  In the past 9 or so weeks we've had only about 3 weeks without illness.

It's her or me or both of us together.  We're finally both on antibiotics and are on the mend, but are still tired and coughing and just not quite there yet.

And it's been so hard on me.  I have been a whimpering ball of depression.  Zero motivation to do anything beyond alternating episodes of The Office with Signing Time.  We've been holed up in the house watching the world zoom by, missing the spring and early summer and certainly not doing it very gracefully. (Just ask my husband.)

I am so hoping that this is the end of this.  I have a theory about what's been going on with our immune systems, and hoping that things will be looking up.

In the meantime, I am fantasizing about lake swimming, hosting barbecues in our new backyard, and taking Cora out into the excitement of our Portland summers.  I want to make mojitos and go on bike rides, visit yard sales and go to outdoor pools.  I want to make it out of town to meet Cora's brand new cousin without worrying about getting her sick.  I want to have a reason to take a shower and put on clothes.  I want to stop freaking out about Cora's breathing and watch her really have the energy to start to take her burgeoning mobility to new levels.  I want to laugh and sing and play, wear sunscreen and eat popsicles.  I want to see my family.

I want to get over this crud and enjoy our way too short summer.

Monday, June 24, 2013

On Cora Street

More than 5 years ago Nick and I bought our very first, teeny-tiny little house.

Itty bitty and cute as can be.  And it rested on a little street with the sweetest little name:  Cora Street.

We got engaged in our house on Cora Street, during a party with our family and friends.

We married one another in our backyard on Cora Street on a hot summer day in July, surrounded by all those we love.

And there we celebrated our most momentous accomplishment to date... we had our sweet baby girl in the living room on Cora Street.

When deciding on baby names, Cora was the name that was first in our minds.  It was one that we'd long loved, even before our lives brought us to this little house. 

For a while we worried that people would laugh when they heard where she lived, but assumed that few people would know.  (Little did we know that at each of her hundreds of doctor's appointments, we'd be asked to confirm our address, and we did hear our fair share of giggles over it.)   But we knew that we'd soon outgrow our tiny little house.

And now it is official.  We have left our little house on Cora Street behind.  A house with so many memories and so much love.  It is bittersweet.

But although she won't remember it, I want my little Cora to know about the place she was born.  Our tiny little house on Cora Street.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How To Make Moving Fun

Yes, it's true.  Cora and I have been missing in action.  Missing from the community (mostly), missing from family, and missing from a lot of fun.

We are healthy once again. Hallelujah.

But we have been moving.  And moving is huge.  Especially after filling a tiny 1-bedroom house with enough stuff for a house 4 times its size, complete with basement and garage and a husband who keeps a lot of very important stuff.  So it's been a bit of a crazy time.

Miss Cora has been very patient.  She has tolerated being tucked into the playpen in front of Signing Time again and again. She has had her very first babysitter, who she adores.

And, over the last couple of days, my lucky little girlie has gotten to spend time with Favorite Auntie Mira while we loaded and cleaned, packed and unpacked, and did all kinds of things that no 2-year-old should be party to.

So, instead of the posts I've been meaning to give you, I give you instead some priceless glimpses of my favorite girl, with her Auntie Mira.

Mira sure knows how to sing!  Cora loves to sign along!

Woo hoo!  "Little Bunny Foo Foo is the best!"

Yes, she loves Mira. 

Giving Mira her silly sideways glance.

Blowing kisses to Mira.

My girl loves her auntie.  So much so that she signs "Mira" every time she sees a picture of a blond-haired woman.

I'm not sure how she'll react when Mira has her own little baby in a few months.  But we are excited to welcome her new cousin, and I am excited to see my baby sister become a mama. 

And we're very happy that Mira was here to entertain our girl during the busy mess.