Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Birthday Baby

A year ago today, this little beauty decided to grace us with her presence.  On a 97 degree day after a hard and fast labor, while her big sister watched Frozen in the next room, she was born in a inflatable birthing tub in our guest bedroom.

This silly little sweetheart has turned our lives around.  She brings so much laughter and love.

For her birthday I made her a book of body parts, using some of my favorite photos of her.  I love this idea, and it is really easy to put together.

Instead of having it printed and bound by an outside company, I went for durability and printed the photos, glued them to card stock, then laminated them.

I hope it'll hold up to the abuse it is sure to receive around here.

This little girl loves her books, so I anticipate reading this many, many times.

Happy birthday, sweet Ruby Elizabeth.  We love you.