Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our First Buddy Walk

Cora's first ever Buddy Walk wasn't quite what I expected.  Hot and sunny (I know, most people would be thrilled), it was a little challenging for me and Beanie, as sun-shy as we are.  With all the buzzing commotion and new people, Cora was a little nervous and spent the whole time clinging to our sides or zoning out and napping in the stroller.

Team Cora Bean did manage to raise $1275.00 for the Northwest Down Syndrome Association.  We are very thankful to all who donated and walked to support us.

We were surrounded by friends from up north, family from out of town and a handful of local friends.  We got to have glimpses and brief conversations with some of our wonderful new friends in the Ds community, as well as a handful of other folks we've met out and about at local events.  But with all the buzz it was hard to spend much time with any one person.  In the end, I feel like it happened in high speed and was over before I knew it.

Instead of creating a team banner we wore silly hats.  Little Cora bunny included.

Grammie and Grandpa with their favorite granddaughter.

Walking around the Rose Quarter in our silly hats.  Cora likes to walk.

Many people came out to support the NWDSA.

The rest of the weekend was fun with the family.  I actually had my first real night out without Cora, when we went out to celebrate my sister Mira's birthday with a movie at a local McMenamin's movie house, the Bagdad.

Then on rainy Sunday we lounged around the house, made a great breakfast and hit some food carts (yes, again!) to give the out-of-towners a taste of Portland style eats.  The clouds broke for a bit and gave us some time to sit and enjoy our tacos, macaroni and cheese, venezuelan street food, and homemade pies.  Cora happily enjoyed her people watching and kept us all entertained.

All in all, a great weekend.  Now we're picking up the pieces, putting away the hats, and playing with the new great toys that Grammie brought for her favorite baby girl.

Cora of many colors with her Favorite Aunt Mira.

Getting some good snuggles with Grammie.
Lucky girlie gets love from Grammie and Grandpa.


  1. Oh so cute! Good job on the fundraising!

  2. Great job fundraising! We are hoping to get a team together for Hailey next year. Looks like Cora had loads of family time and extra loving over the weekend.

  3. We were hoping to run into you there!

    Juliet, Brennen and Calder

  4. LOVE the hat! Cora is such a cutie!!!!


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