Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beachy Days Fading Fast

We're getting ready to leave San Diego in the morning.  I am feeling wistful.  Time goes by so fast and it'll be sad to have this trip behind us.  But it's been a blast.  Today we spent the day visiting.  Breakfast with Grandma, lunch with my former boss and co-worker, dinner with my beautiful friend, her husband and their adorable 1-year old.

We'll be doing a couple long days in the car over the next three days, probably moteling it one night and camping for our final night before we get back home.

Since I imagine I won't be posting until we get home, I wanted to post a few more beach pictures of my sweet little Southern California loving-girl!


  1. Love how her eyes light up!! And that tooth in front - precious! I'm also very wistful about the end of our vacation last week, the end of summer, the start of the chilly season. Can't get too much beach, can ya?!

  2. Following through your trip! Wow, a long one! Cora never ceases to amaze me with how cute she is! I sure wish we could meet! Someday?! Have a safe trip home!

  3. I love that you posted through your whole trip, it was so neat to see and read about where you guys have been...Almost like we all went along with you :)

  4. I agree with Jenny, it feels like we were on your road trip with you. I hope your trip home is speedy and safe!


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