Friday, September 7, 2012

"B" is for Book

I had to share a few glimpses into one of the things I most love to see every day...

Because this girlie LOVES her books.

Pulling them down, flipping the pages, turning them right-side-up, peering up close, then holding them far away.  These pages contain some serious motivation for this little girl.

And of course, reading your favorite books is way better wearing the adorable outfit made by your very own Grammie. But don't bum ruffles make everything better?


  1. So very cute - the book reading and the Grammie-made outfit. The pig tails though are the cutest by far!!! Miss K loves books too. She'll "read" them and point to things and have the grandest time.

  2. Ben is a big reader too! Cora's pigtails are getting so long!

  3. Aw, adorable! I love Cora! Cal loves books too, they sure are amazing aren't they? I just hope she lets you sleep soon!

  4. Such lovely pictures, you can tell she's really interested in what she's looking at!


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