Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I guess 31 days of straight posting left me needing some breathing room, since it's been two weeks since my last post.  Probably the longest break in quite some time.

The space has been filled with rain, not nearly enough sleep, a gazillion appointments for both Cora and for me, and a couple of writing projects for our local Down syndrome association; one for a booklet on heart surgery, the other a speech for an event this weekend.

Right now I am waiting for Nick to bring Cora back for her pre-bed nursing session.  I love that time, but I am so coveting a little time alone on the couch right now.

Trying to find space around here has become an oxymoron.  

Of course, one of the cats is crawling around on my lap, desperately seeking some love.  And I feel horribly guilty every time I keep pushing her off.  She needs Mommy too, right?

But sometimes Mommy needs to be Leah.  Sigh.  Without a child/two cats/a husband pulling at my ankles.  I don't get to be just Leah very often these days.

But I've taken a step.  Yes, I've put out an ad for a babysitter a couple hours a week.  Not much, I know.  But it's a start for my terribly attached almost-two-year-old girl, and probably more of a step for me.  Dependency must run both ways.

I've had a few posts running through my head for the past two weeks, with imaginary photographs I haven't taken to accompany them (yes, it's hard these days when Cora seems to hide from the camera or frown at me when I point it at her).  I'm sure I'll get around to updating you all soon enough.

But even without a great deal of substance to say, I needed to come back.  Just a little.  But that's okay, I've decided.

So, for those that need their own Little Beanie fix, since I sometimes forget that you don't all get your own little Beanie girl every minute of every day and night. (Yes... almost every minute of every night.  That may be a slight exaggeration, but I swear, this girl does not sleep all that much.)  Here is a little sample. 

Cora the artist.

What brush strokes!

Working so hard to swish that brush around in the water.... 

"Look what I did, Mama!"

So proud!


  1. Ooh, great job, Cora!! Do you get the EDCD waiver where you are? It's where you can get care and respite services that are paid by Medicaid. We have after-school care for Samantha every day, whether or not we're at work. Check out your state's Dept. of Health & Human Services website for info... We were late on it, and didn't get signed up for Medicaid until Samantha was 3, but WOW, how awesome it's been!

  2. Wow! I should encourage Ben to paint. The other day he got ahold of a pen and started drawing with it. I was shocked that he knew what to do. Good for you for taking the steps to make some time for yourself. Cora needs a happy momma:)


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