Monday, February 11, 2013

Cute Has a Way of Shining Through

A couple of weeks ago we had a fun opportunity for a Valentine's Day photo shoot with Megan at Owl's Eye Photography.  We had a session with Megan when Miss Cora was 9 months old, just days after she learned how to sit up independently.  What a pretty little baldy girl she was.

We've actually been waiting for warmer weather to schedule our next session, since the Portland rainy season stole our opportunities last fall.  And then Megan held a giveaway for a mini-session.  I entered, with a feeling that our name would be drawn.

And lo and behold.... we won!

The shoot was brief with Cora happy for only about 5 minutes of the whole thing, and crying the rest.  But cute sure has a way of shining through.

Here are my favorites.  Thank you, Megan, for the beautiful photos of my favorite girl!




  1. Adorable!! My fav is the very first LOVE one where Cora's looking directly at the camera. She is too cute.

  2. Wow, such great photo's, impossible to pick a favorite. Love the one right after the stair pictures...And the close up one of her sweet little face. She is adorable!!

  3. Pink overalls!!!!!! She is darling. I cannot believe how much The Bean has grown.

  4. She's sooo cute! Those turned out great. :)

  5. Ben's heart is just melting! Adorable pictures!


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