Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Few Days of Winter

Our little corner of the world is starting to thaw out, after a few days of real winter.  It's been over five years since we've had much in the way of snow, and it was beautiful and a bit thrilling.

Luckily, our family was able to stay at home.  Cora and I have been finishing up almost two weeks of having colds, so we'd already been cooped up for some time.  Having an excuse to stay in and watch our world change from the warmth of our little house made it all seem sweeter.

When we took Cora outside to experience the snow, she was pretty excited at first.  She happily let us help her with her coat and hat, mittens and boots. 

But then she actually walked in the stuff, fell in the stuff, and touched it with her bare hands.  That was it for her.  She was done.

But she was pretty happy smiling for the camera while sitting on the steps that Daddy just shoveled.

Over the next day or so, she allowed us to pull her around in our makeshift sled (the bus tub we use for her baths with a big rope tied around it.)

Late Saturday, the snow turned to freezing rain, and turned our winter wonderland into a slippery, icy, dangerous mess.  The city sent out emergency warnings telling people to stay home and to keep cars off the roads.   Eventually, the freezing rain turned to the plain old rain we know and love, and we're now in the slow melt.

I guess it's time to get back to our regular lives about now.   If we can venture my little not-very-snow-ready car beyond the driveway, I'm sure Cora would love an outing that extends beyond the front yard, and I know that I could sure stand to get out of the house.

But it was nice to get a little bit of winter.  I'm just glad it was just for a few days.


  1. I love the makeshift sled! I have a video of Kayla trying out the snow when we were in NM; I think she was 4. She started walking in the backyard and you could tell by the look on her face she wasn't too thrilled with it!

  2. Fun! We haven't seen 32 degrees in weeks.

  3. I would love to see snow like that! Its all sunburn and heat waves here for us. And dry parched earth, bush fires etc!


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