Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayers for Uncle Rob

 We've just heard the amazing news that my uncle Rob has just gone in for a double lung transplant surgery this evening.  This is something we've been waiting and praying for for some time.

Right now I can't describe the love I have for Rob.  There are way too many other thoughts racing through my mind.   He was like a second Dad to us and has always been a great friend.  So all my love is headed to him now, and to Marianne, Kelsey and Nathan as we all wait for the surgery to be behind him.

And only a couple months (wow, exactly 2 months from the day from Cora's surgery!) after our Little Beanie's big day, it brings back so many of those feelings.  And I remember how on the morning of her surgery I was getting her ready and washing her chest when I felt suddenly at peace in a way I hadn't the day before, when we'd sent her off to the surgeon, only to have her procedure postponed.  In retrospect, it was as if there was a voice (You know who you are) that told me that she was in the very best hands, that all was as planned, and that she would be OK.  I've thought about that quite a bit in the past couple of weeks.

And now I ask for that yet again.  I pray that Rob be in the very best hands, that the surgery be swift and perfect, and that the recovery be complete.  I love you Uncle Rob.

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