Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rolling Over!

This weekend has been fun so far.  We've hit food carts on two occasions already this weekend, and today's lunch at the carts on Division and 30-something was awesome.  Korean BBQ tacos and some jalapeno topped macaroni and cheese!  Yum!  Cora enjoyed being toted around in her car-seat and stroller as we hit a handful of yard sales.

And Little Cora Bean surprised us by FINALLY starting to roll over.  She's doing it from tummy to back, and only when she has enough energy.  I really wanted to get a better video of it, but this was the only one she let me get this morning, and she did it right away with no warm up.  But afterward she just decided to lay down during tummy time, so it was a no go.

Even so, I thought I'd post the evidence of her new skills.

She is also spending way more time being happy on her tummy, which is great. And she's using her hands like crazy. She loves to grab our noses and cheeks and faces, as well as her own face. She is playing with toys, reaching and overall just impressing us with her talents.

What a little lovie girl!


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