Monday, August 29, 2011

All Over the Place

I've been feeling the pull to write, to post pictures and to update this little blog over the past several days.  But I've also been feeling pulled every which way by all the happenings in our lives.

We hosted an end of summer potluck and outdoor movie night on Saturday, which was great and so much fun.  Yet in the midst of all the food, the tasty beverages, the popcorn and the people, I pretty much forgot to take any photographs.  Boo!  And all the photo ready moments too!  We had many of Cora's little friends, from 5 week old Gia to 6 year old Haley and lots of babies and kids in between.  Cora's buddy Anthony visited and charmed all the ladies.  And we had a flux of houseguests over the past week, from family members passing through town to some coming for the festivities. It's definitely been a whirlwind of fun.

Cora is currently snoozing away after a very long night, during which the 3 of us were awake more than we were asleep.  And I know I should be napping, or maybe logging in a bit of work from home hours, which can be hard to find when keeping my busy girl entertained.

But no, I am here sorting through pictures and typing out words.  I've had several posts in my mind over the past week, but a lot of topics seem too heavy for my fuzzy heavy-lidded self today.

So instead, perhaps I'll just post a few pictures from the past few days.

Riding on Daddy's shoulders at the park. Woo hoo!

Me trying to actually get pictures of Cora smiling, rather than reaching for the camera with her mouth in an "O".  I had to hold the camera out to the side and then talk to her.  Needless to say, the effort didn't produce the best pictures.  But here they are anyway.  I really melt over her smiles.

Cora has been fun.  She's still wary of strangers and can offer a pretty impressive pouty lip when excited strangers (or people that she hasn't seen in a few days, even) get too close for comfort, but she seems to be coming around a little.  She's been rolling over from back to tummy like crazy, once she finally picked up this skill a couple of weeks ago.  But of course, after months of rolling tummy to back, she seems to have gotten stuck, and must thus shout for help to get out of her inconvenient positions.

Our future computer geek (that is, if she takes after her Dad) playing with Grandpa 
and his new laptop.

Not sure who had more fun reading books.  Cora or her Favorite Auntie Mira.  Either way, both enjoyed the nice snuggle time.

And of course, Silly Daddy once again gets hold of the camera to capture Cora with her delectably delicious little feet.  (She seems to find her right great toe the tastiest of all.) 

We're planning our last camping trip this weekend with some good friends, and in between hope (fingers and eyes crossed) to get some good sleep, to finish my work projects, and to actually get in some quiet moments this week.  Wish us luck!


  1. I LOVE the pics! I can't believe how much older she is! I think she looks so much like you in the first and last shots. And the ones on daddy's shoulders she looks so much like her big cousin Kai! So cute I squealed at each picture. Thanks Leah. I'll put some of Kai up soon. I promise.
    xo Eri

  2. We have the same issue getting pictures of our Hailey smiling. It is almost a two person task! Cora is such a cutie!


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