Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 for 21- Day 22: Make New Friends

As I've written before, one of the wonderful things that Down syndrome has given us is the privilege of meeting some incredible people.  It's important to me that Cora get to grow up with friends and peers that have Down syndrome, as well as friends who are typically-developing.  And I admit that it's also been helpful for me to make friends with other parents who have "been there," especially those with kids a little bit older than Cora.

When Cora was 10 weeks old we went to a small local gathering of a few families who had connected through the Babycenter Down Syndrome Board.

It was there that we met Susan, Paul and Anthony.  Little Anthony is almost 2 years older than Cora, so he's able to show her the ropes a little bit.  Or at least he will be able to once she gets over her shyness around older boys...

Okay, super goofy photo of me on the left, 
with little 10 week old, NG tube Cora and little Anthony sitting next to her.  
With cameos from a couple other little cutie friends too...

We've met up with this lovely little family a few times, and thoroughly enjoy them every time.

A couple of days ago we all met up for dinner and some microbrews to catch up.  As always, it was  a pleasure.  Anthony got to zoom around a bit and enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich, while Cora sampled some applesauce and pickles.

Miss Cora sat in a big girl restaurant high chair for the first time and had a blast.  By the end of the night she was cracking us up with her excited antics, and stayed up way past her bedtime.

You can read about the adventures of Anthony and his family on Keeping Up with the Carsons.

Just one more great thing that Down syndrome has brought into our lives!

Anthony and Cora enjoying their night out on the town.  
Okay, so maybe they don't look super thrilled at the moment....

"You see, Cora, when you're big like me look what you can do!"

"That may be true, Anthony, but there are some advantages to being little too..."

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  1. Oh, look how little they were just a few months ago! Cora is going to be bigger than Anthony soon. We had a great time- let's do it again soon! xo


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