Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 for 21- Day 26: Who is This Woman?

Looking through folders I discovered a handful of beautiful photographs taken back in May by my cousin's significant other, Shon.  I remember being so happy when I first saw the photos, and can't for the life of me understand why they were shuffled into some unknown folder, unseen for months.  So thank you Shon for the beautiful photos.  There are more of Cora, as well, which I will post at another time.

As I looked over his images I registered surprise seeing myself with Cora.  My first thoughts, nonsensical really, were "Who is this woman?"  Of course I recognize my features, my face, my self.  But I didn't recognize myself as a mother.

When Cora is in front of me I absolutely feel like her mother.  To the point of starting to speak in the third person and calling myself "mum" even when talking to my best friend.  Motherhood, and especially new motherhood, I imagine, certainly takes over one's life.  I have a hard time having a conversation about anything other than Cora these days.  Fully aware of how that makes me look and even a little embarrassed about it, it's hard to be otherwise.

But still, to see myself through the camera's lens, and hence through someone else's eyes I don't quite recognize myself.  But I like it.

Me, the mom now.  I finally did it.  What a lucky, lucky girl I am.


  1. Those are beautiful, and what a great mom you are. :)

  2. Such sweet pictures. You are a beautiful mom and your love for your daughter shows through!
    Thanks so much for stopping by Blueskies.

  3. Cora is very blessed to have you as her mother! The pictures are beautiful!

  4. Motherhood is such a blessing, and you become it so well, Leah.


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