Sunday, June 10, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Daddy was in charge of napping duty this afternoon.  Quick emergency bath time, followed by being put to bed without brushing her hair resulted in this lovely "do."

Looks like Cora is channeling her inner Cyndi Lauper.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Love it! Cora, you are the cutest little thing!

  2. love bed head!! it so stick'n cuddly and cute! smiles

  3. Haha, great hair! Love it :)

  4. She's a rock star! As we have 2 boys hair isn't an issue for Jim but whenever he dresses the kids their outfits never match. When I was in the hospital having Ben, I set out prematched outfits so Colin would look good even if I wasn't there!


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