Friday, December 7, 2012

Marching, Marching!

We are big Signing Time fans over here.  Cora usually lets me know that she wants to watch it by pointing to her wrist and signing "time."  How can you resist that?

I mean, it's completely educational, and a mama has to be able to get some things done sometimes.

But lately, the Laurie Berkner Band has been giving Signing Time a run for its money.  I let Cora watch their Netflix video pretty often, since the music and the repetition is good for helping to learn speech.  She even sings along to a couple of songs.  Her speech therapist would be proud.

And since music is a great motivator for her, we practice walking while singing "We are the dinosaurs, marching, marching!"

In the last couple of days she has started asking to watch it.  She will sit on the floor and stomp her feet, pointing at the TV and smiling.

This girl may not verbalize a whole lot, but she sure knows how to communicate.

And seeing her smile as she watches the music: signing along, interjecting her little head bopping dancing when the mood strikes... priceless.


  1. Cora is adorable! :) We might have to check out the Laurie Berkner Band; Miss K appreciates the suggestion.

  2. So cute:) Cora always impresses with her communicative abilities. Ben isn't interested in TV but as soon as he is, I'm hoping we'll be signing times fans too!

  3. Funny isn't it but I can't get my boy to watch tv! ! I need a bit of time out too but he just won't engage with it. I'll check out signing time, never heard of it before...
    Your little girl is looking very cute! Starting to lose the baby look and look more like a little person.

  4. Love the pics! She's so beautiful! Hailey watches Signing Time in the car while I'm carting her brothers around. Yesterday, the boys replaced it with one of their movies....let me just say, the girl was not happy!

  5. Aw, that's cute she points to her wrist to watch signing time. Russell has just started watching some of those videos, he is learning a lot...I wish I would have started them sooner!


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