Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sorrow and Joy

The last week has been a hodgepodge of hustle and bustle, activities and events, sadness and tears.

On Tuesday there was a shooting at our local mall, where I had taken Cora just a couple of days earlier.  That evening I went to the playgroup that I co-host for our local Down syndrome Association with goodies to find that no one else had made it out. 

And then, of course, later this week we were all stunned by the senseless and tragic shooting in Connecticut.  I don't have any profound insights to offer, but it's clear that this holiday season has been tainted by these sorrowful events.  Our festivities seem dampened, even as the moments seem sharper and our children more precious.  

But the last week has contained some joy, as well.

We've had Christmas parties and play-dates.

And December in our house means birthdays too.  Yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday.  It was a lovely day, starting with breakfast with three of my best girl friends (yes, without husband and child!), a lazy afternoon with my family, and a dinner so great that even Cora spent the evening eating everything in sight.

Now we are prepping to travel in a few days to see Nick's family in Spokane for Christmas, happy to let Cora spend a few good days with her Daddy's side of the family.

We've been dancing to Christmas music, watching Cora sign "tree" a lot, and watching Cora rip up tissue paper as she preps for her starring role on Christmas morning.

And our little miss has been impressing us with her gradually improving gross motor skills.  No, she's not taking off walking yet, but ever since she got her Sure Steps foot and ankle braces a couple of months ago, her stability and confidence has improved dramatically.  She is so much more steady on her feet, and when the mood strikes has been pulling up to stand on her own a lot more.  She will use her heavily weighted push toy with some spotting, and loves to walk across the floor if her hands are held.  Especially if we sing along... "We are the dinosaurs.... marching... marching!"  Music is a great motivator for Little Beanie.

A couple more glimpses of my pretty little sassy girl, just for fun.


Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season.


  1. Sorry to hear about what is happening in your terrible I cant think about it.
    Meanwhile, your girl is so cute, love her smile..
    good to hear she is pulling to standing. I will check out Sure Steps, wonder if I can order from Aust. I was wondering if they would make a difference, hard to tell sometimes, if its natural development that was going to happen anyway or if the sure steps assist/encourage standing. Meanwhile, not so sure I want my boy walking yet....he is very fast on hands and feet already...

  2. Seeing Colin and Ben be happy is what makes me happy too! Having them at home with me brings me such peace.


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