Friday, January 11, 2013

Read Me a Book

"Book" is probably the spoken word Cora uses the most.  It sounds an awful lot like most of her other spoken words.  "Booooooo..."  Said along with the sign, that word gets some serious mileage around here.

But nothing gets as much mileage as her actual books.  Whether she's throwing them all over the floor again and again, or gingerly choosing one book at a time and scooting it across the floor for me to read, this girl is a serious bookworm, just like her mama.

Here she is chasing me around trying to get me to read to her.

Could you resist this face?  (Even with traces of yummy stew from lunch on the cheeks?)

Cora finally got fed up with the camera and covered it with her book.  Point taken, Beanie.


  1. Ben is quite the reader himself. A library will be a must in their future home:)

  2. I love that she loves to read! I feel like my Owen has learned so much from his love of reading. And even though I might say to myself, Oh no, not "Pete the Cat" again!, I really do love that he has favorites and will sign and dance along to certain books. Cheers to a love of reading!

  3. Aww. :) I am so glad to hear that she loves books. My librarian heart is warm. :)

  4. I just love how bright blue her eyes are, she is gorgeous!! And it's awesome that she loves to read :)


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