Saturday, November 30, 2013

Family Time

We've been lazy and food-stuffed over the past few days.  We're hanging out in pajamas for way too long, avoiding the outside world, hanging around with family, eating leftovers and enjoying the calm.

But we will be venturing out soon.  In the meantime, some glimpses into the last few days at our house.

Hanging with Daddy, Grandpa Mike and Grandma Pam

Making pumpkin pie.  My, what a good helper!

Story time!

One of my favorite parts of the week has been watching Cora gradually get more comfortable around Grandpa Mike.  In the past year or so she's been more nervous around men than women. And she doesn't get to see her Grandpa as often as we'd like.  So she usually keeps her distance.  But this time, she came around to some snuggles, and even christened him with his very own name:  "Bop bop," said while signing "Grandpa."  Pretty cute, indeed.

Baby Adelyn is getting so big!

Cousins.  This is about as close as they get.  Notice how Cora needs to be held in place.

Uncle Nick is so funny.

My sweet little niece.

Hoping your time with family and friends was as lovely as ours.

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  1. Great post babe - I love the one with Adelyn smiling HUGELY at me, good 'ol Uncle Nick... I love it!


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