Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why I'm Still Nursing My Almost-3-Year-Old

I've been having a bit of blogging withdrawal, and will be writing some more in the next few days.

But for now, check out my new post our ongoing breastfeeding story on What to Expect.

Why I'm Still Nursing My Almost 3-Year-Old.


  1. Many, many kudos to you!! Nursing a toddler is something I never thought I would do, but I have learned never to say never when it comes to parenting. Cora is dang lucky to have you as a mom :)!

  2. She just gets more and more beautiful!!! Good for you! Joey couldn't breastfeed- it broke my heart, but I pumped for 6 months, which felt like a lifetime-- but it was worth it.

  3. Go you! It's much more normal now in the US and is becoming less and less taboo! You are awesome and I am so glad she was able to breastfeed!


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