Friday, May 20, 2011


You may wonder why there aren't a lot of pictures of a smiling Cora on these pages.  I wish there were more.  She is actually quite the smiley little charmer.  And lately her smiles have been getting more brilliant, adorable and hilarious.  She has been accompanying them with coos and goos of delightful cuteness, with little squinky eyes and her sweet baby love.  But of course, the second I point the camera at her, she looks at the camera.  And that darn camera doesn't make her smile.  Yet.  So for now most of her ridiculously addictive smiles are for me and Nick.  I guess I can't complain about that.

 Today those smiles have meant a lot.  Because I haven't felt much like smiling.  But Cora has persisted, in true Cora fashion, grinning at me through my tears.  Today my Grandma passed away.  It wasn't expected.  All year we have been looking forward to early July for Grandma's 80th Birthday, and getting excited for Cora to meet her great-grandmother, along with the rest of my mother's side of our crazy, wacky, and amazing family.

My Grandma was quite the woman.  Always so full of fun, humor and love, and willing to not only put up with, but enjoy, and even out-party the rest of us.  There is so much to say about her.  And about how very loved she has been by so many people.  How much I admire and respect her.  How much I wanted her to be able to hold my little baby.  But all the words don't quite seem sufficient. She has been so wonderful since Cora arrived, calling every few weeks to see how Cora, Nick and I have been doing.  Even going to the library to check out books on Down syndrome to learn about what to expect with her new grand-baby.  It's so hard to believe she won't be around any longer.

So I send my love to my sweet Grandma.  I know that you are with God now.  I wish you peace.  I hope for peace for the rest of us, because life will be less bright without you.

I love you, Grandma Mac.

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