Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Bunny

Cora had her Early Intervention evaluation on Friday, so we updated her teacher and therapists on her progress on several levels and set new goals for the next year.

She was there during the evaluation, sitting on the floor playing with the speech therapist, while we tallied up the things she has been doing and the things she has not.

So, of course, this weekend she has decided it's time to start doing several new things.  Of course. 

She has been signing for sure now.  She signs "milk" often while nursing, but not always on demand.  She is signing "all done" every time she finishes a bite of food and every time I ask her if she's done.  And just today (after increased efforts on my part to use it consistently) she started signing "more!" 

A few times today we've noticed her sitting and practicing her signs, running through all three of them.  It kills me with how freaking adorable that is!  I am so proud of her.

But the favorite new thing she did today is still running through my head, making me giggle every time I think of it.  While reading Runaway Bunny for maybe the third time today, each time we'd look at the illustrations, I would use my finger and point several times to the "mama bunny" and "baby bunny" on each page.  I typically do this when I read the story.  But I decided to add something else this time, so after pointing to the bunnies, I would point to myself and say "mama" and touch Cora's chest and say "baby." 

Then I decided to see if she would replicate any of this.  She isn't really interested in pointing to things or doing motions on her own (although Nick DID witness her clapping on command today!), so in true Cora fashion she used my finger to point when prompted.  This time when I said "mama bunny" she grabbed my finger and touched the mama bunny picture.  Then when I said "baby bunny" she grabbed my finger and touched it to her OWN FOREHEAD!  And repeated it several times in succession, and again a couple hours later when I said "baby bunny" when not even reading the book.  My sweet little girl thinks she is the baby bunny!!!

This just kills me with the sweet adorable cuteness of it all.  It also excites me, knowing that she is becoming more and more able to convey her understanding and to express herself.  It also shows me that she is understanding a lot more than what she can express (even if she refers to herself as a baby bunny...).  I'm just so happy about it all.

So excited to see my girl growing and developing.  So so proud.

"Look at this Mum!"  Cora is showing off the onesie designed by Grammi along with Auntie Mira's legwarmers.

"A Secret Garden for Cora" quilt, made for her birthday by our lovely friend Daniel.


  1. sweet little baby bunny! Too cute!

  2. For me, the second year has been so much more rewarding and interesting than the first year. It is incredible how much they can understand, even when they can't verbalize it. And it is SO wonderful when they can start communicating some basic desires!

  3. That is so exciting and grin-inducing! YAY!!
    Ps I love her attire - those legwarmers and that owl onesie especially!

  4. Aw, baby bunny...This was so cute :)

  5. This is just too much cuteness! Cora and her signing is so impressive. Way to go sweet Cora!

  6. You are so lucky to be the Mom of such sweetness!!

  7. margaret n mckenzieMarch 7, 2012 at 1:38 AM

    Hello there, great pictures. McKenzie has the exact same "home grown" onesie, wow!


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