Friday, March 23, 2012

Cora's Kaleidoscope

Today Cora decided to show us that she is learning her colors.

While reading one of my favorite books, Good Night Sweet Butterflies, she decided to show me that she could point to the colored butterflies on demand.  At first I would point out all the other things of the same color on the page, ie. "purple pansies, purple dragonfly" and then when I would say "purple butterfly" she would point to the purple butterfly.  And so on.

She does have a leg up, since she can see what color the page is focusing on and can see lots of other examples of that color before choosing her butterfly.  But even that shows that she is able to match colors.

But on each page, she'd point out the butterfly of that color.

When I enlisted Nick to help so I could take some pictures, Cora immediately pointed to the butterfly the second he'd turn the page, turning around to grin at us, kick her legs and express her glee.

 Quite the sight to behold.

My little munchkin is so clever.

Yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, pink, red, gold and white.  


  1. How awesome is that! I need to start reading more age appropriate books to Ben. He does listen to a lot of Clifford books, though . . .

  2. Oh is she ever adorable! Kayla had that book; used to be one of her favorites. Read it so much the binding came apart! Thanks for your comment; glad you found me again!


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