Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a Klutz!

I am turning into a huge walking accident these days.  In the last two weeks, I've spilled my coffee about five times.  The first time a huge cup dumped all over the stack of EOBs and medical bills by my computer.  The next few times were less major.

This morning I caught myself wondering why I am so clumsy.  Within a few minutes of that thought, I manged to dump about 16 ounces of very hot sticky cream and sugared coffee right into the center of the keyboard on my laptop.  Nick spent about an hour taking it apart, seeing what he could salvage, if anything.  But it's fried.  We can't recover anything from the hard drive.  Sigh.

So now I am typing on a very old laptop that keeps inserting the letters I type into random places.  It took me over half an hour to look at a few pictures.  So frustrating.  My dearly departed was at least an old laptop of Nick's that needed to be plugged in at all times, so it's not like I killed a brand new computer.  But I am not one to covet new appliances (yes, I still use an old non-smart phone and everything), so I told him I could make do with something we already have.  But I don't think that will work.  I think I'll be shopping for a new laptop this week, even though it is most definitely not in this month's budget.  But I can't even do any work at the moment, so I'm hoping to get it sorted out soon.


Nick has officially banned me from eating or drinking near any electronics ever again.  But what I wonder is why I am suddenly prone to such destructive and silly behavior?  Perhaps it's the cumulative lack of sleep for a year and a half.  Yeah, that must be it.

As for Cora, she's been sleeping a lot.  Still waking at night, but perhaps not quite so many  times in the past few days.  And she's suddenly taking long afternoon naps, to the tune of two and a half hours.

At first I thought that it might be the result of her new milestone:  learning to move into sitting on her own!  Yes, we are quite excited by it.  On the hardwood floors, she tends to move into the splits first, which is NOT the way her therapists would encourage, but what can we do?  On the bed, grass or any other softer surfaces, she gets up on one knee and then pushes up.  I am so proud that she's finally figured this out.  Of course, it's now virtually impossible to get her to do any tummy time at all.  I've caught her sitting up in bed at night crying, and we've discovered her with her knees tucked under her during naps.  So she's definitely learning new ways to move her body.

She is also starting to get her first tooth finally, which I just noticed peeping through her lower gums.  She doesn't seem too bothered by it and we're excited to see a pearly white finally emerge.

Yesterday was another kind of milestone for us:  my first day away from Cora.  I went to the Northwest Down Syndrome Association's All Born In conference, which was incredible.  I was gone for about 10 hours, although Nick did bring her by for a lunchtime nursing session.  More thoughts on that later.

As for now, I've just got to try to get my bearings on this new imposter computer and plan my next move.

Hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend!  (Don't know if you need cheering up like I do, but these pictures just may do the trick!)


  1. Tell Nick that spilling things on electronic devices is very normal. I have done the same. . . I am sorry that your laptop cannot be salvaged. Miss Cora is so beautiful and what a little rockstar moving into sitting! I would love to see her do the splits. I have never been able to do so myself so I am a bit envious that Beanie can do it! That first picture of Cora looking all angry is hilarious. I mean, come on, I thought "they were supposed to be happy all the time". Just kidding! I hate it when people say that "happy all the time" nonsense. Anyway, great photos. Her sweet face always makes me smile :)

  2. She's such a cutie! That's awesome she is learning to get into a sitting position on her own :)

  3. Good post, cheeks ;--)

  4. When I saw your post title, I thought you were talking about Cora for a second! Hopefully this week is better! Don't worry, Hailey pushed herself up with the splits about 4 times during her eval at the Down syndrome clinic. She still does it sometimes! I love the pics of her swinging! I tagged you in 11 random things today on my blog. Thanks!

  5. What a cutie. She has a great smile.

  6. What a beautiful girl! How have I not come across your blog before?! I look forward to following the adventures of little miss Cora!

  7. Are you prego?! Cora, you are such a doll and I wish I could hang out with you!! I am so excited about your new milestone! Yay!!!

  8. I have never been clumsier than since Abra's been born. Generally, I blame it on the fact that I move entirely too fast, without thought or intention. It's always a reminder that my head is moving faster than my brain, that I am not "in my body." Case in point: this week I spilled an 8-ounce cup of milk and rammed a chair leg through the screen door. Whoops!

  9. I'm a clutz too:) Learning to sit is such a great milestone. Ben crawled just 2 weeks later. I bet Cora will be on the move soon!


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