Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Independent Girl

It's been an action packed last few days, with a trip up to my parents' house, where we celebrated an early Mother's Day with my mom, celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a great dinner, and celebrated my brother out-law's birthday.  Lots of celebrating.  The weather was beautiful, so we drove out to a beach on the Puget Sound.  Sadly, Cora didn't have a very good day and melted down in Trader Joe's after too many people tried to talk to her.  We'll blame teething on that one.

And no surprise... pretty much no photos.  Yes, I know.  When I am having too much fun I don't take pictures.

Cora has been asserting herself lately.  Her sense of independence is most obvious during mealtime.  She really wants to feed herself with the spoon.  Most of the time she'll let me feed her part of the meal, and then she wants to feed the rest.  She will reach for the spoon with her left hand and then insist on dipping it into the bowl (even though it already has food on it), then goes for her mouth with a little assistance from me.  The next part is what is funny:  she then switches the spoon to her right hand and dips it in the bowl (although often, she just smashes it into the bowl and then throws it on the floor.)

Enjoying her picnic dinner in the back-yard last night. Cayenne does not look impressed.

This morning she wouldn't let me feed her at all.  I am amazed that she tolerated my hand helping the spoon along at all.  It must have been a record number of spoon throws.  But the fact that she was up at 5:30 and was exhausted by 8:00 could have upped the sass factor.

I am excited to see what my little girlie will accomplish and am hoping that her independent streak will start to transfer to a desire to move her little body around this place.  I think she's almost there in the butt-scooting department.  And even though I have long wanted her to crawl and avoid the butt scoot, at this point I am just excited for her to realize she can get around on her own.  Then, boy will I be in trouble!


  1. Ben is a spoon thrower too! He doesn't seem to want to feed himself, just throw. Oh well! I can't wait to read that Cora is on the move. Ben is so much happier now that he can explore. I know Cora will be too!

  2. You're such a good mommy! I keep forgetting to give Hailey a spoon! You are going to have to get on the ball...I expect no pics for baby #2 or 3 but not baby #1! You are going to have to start remembering...I love pics of Cora!!!

  3. Good job, Cora : ) Kamdyn used to throw everything off her tray, but now she only does it when she's done. The second she's done, everything must go lol.

  4. I love the pictures of Cora feeding herself. :) Katie loves to have a spoon in one hand, but usually will use the free hand to actually pick up her food. ;-) And, she is a spoon thrower too.

  5. Those eyes, those eyes, those eyes!!!!

    Great job, Cora!! Wow, we were pretty late in the teaching-to-self-feed department. Too afraid of mess. :-(

  6. Can't wait to see a butt scooting video, that would be cute!! I think babies being mobile in any form is awesome...And eventually they all seem to four point crawl anyway, so no worries. Sounds like she is doing awesome in the self feeding department :)

    On a side note...Your blog is not showing up in my news feeds, so I am missing all your updates. Or else it shows up one day and the next it is gone! This is happening with one other blog I know too...Anyone else having this issue?


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