Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Love

Last weekend was filled up with family love.  We happily holed up on the Key Peninsula, hiding out from the rain, cooking and eating and watching Cora get love, love and more love.

As always, Auntie Mira is the greatest (even though she moves too fast for me to get a solid picture of her.)

And Grammie isn't too shabby herself.

Grammie plus watermelon made for a fabulous combination, as Cora happily whittled down her first taste of watermelon with her single sharp white tooth.

She even went to her very first wine tasting, although the only thing she tasted was the cheese.  I'm still having fantasies about the double cream sharp cheddar. Oh my....

 And now we're off and running for the week, hoping that the Fourth brings some fun in the sun.

I know I've been neglecting my Cora updates, so I'll try to do a little better and perhaps I'll even grab the camera before heading out the door.  Happy 4th to you all!


  1. Adorable, hope you had a great 4th! Hey, send some of that rain over here...we are in the middle of a drought, our burned out lawn would appreciate a few drops!

  2. Ben has been to many a biergarten in Germany. Just more evidence that he and Cora are destined to be together! I can just imagine 25 years from now. They are sitting on their back deck - she sipping wine while Ben enjoys a cold one:)

  3. Also, they could have a kick ass birthday party every year mid January:)


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