Sunday, July 8, 2012

Splish Splash!

It seems that summer has finally decided to grace us in Portland. The weekend has been beautiful.  I was excited to spend our time outside, but Cora's little body had other plans yesterday.  Stomach bug plans.  She spent the day huddled into me, pale, limp, fevered and vomiting.  No fun at all.

Today she woke up her typical self.  So we were able to commence with summer plans after all.  A walk down to the local Farmer's Market and through the park, some time in the still chilly kiddie pool, and a few tastes of a peach popsicle.  So far so good.

She wasn't too excited about the cool water at first, but she warmed up pretty quickly.  Since it was pretty full and she's a slippery little girl all sunscreened-up, I got in with her. 

There's not much better than a big green ball.  She's working SO hard to lift the ball up and throw it down.

Uh oh, it's an accident!  Singing Cora's favorite song from Potty Time entertained her after she slipped a little.

 Splish splash!  Face-fulls of cold pool water are a must.

I can't stop smiling over those last couple pictures.  I can't believe that I get to be the recipient of all that joy and love.  Oh I love my girl.


  1. So ute!!! I'm glad you guys are finally enjoying some ummer weather!

  2. Cora is getting so big. So fun to see them grow before your eyes.

  3. Those photos make me so happy!

  4. She looks like she's having a blast, especially in those last pictures. What a love!

  5. So glad she is feeling better! The cold water doesn't seem to phase her much! Such a cutie! That smile melts me heart!

  6. So sorry she was sick, but glad she's feeling better! LOVE those photos of your beautiful, smiling girl. :-)

  7. Aw, she just looks so full of happiness, cute pictures :)

  8. SHe is just the cutest thing!!!
    Happy summer Cora!

  9. Ben smiles at me just the same way. We are so blessed to have their love:)


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