Monday, March 25, 2013

Bears, Chickens and Elephants! Oh My!

This weekend, in between trying to coax Miss Cora to eat (yes, she is inexplicably refusing most food and drink, even her beloved stand-byes), we managed a couple of fun outings in the still-chilly Portland air.

This time we took Cora's Daddy to one of her very favorite places: the zoo.  Cora is quite the animal fan.  She knows a remarkable number of animal signs.  A good portion of the approximate 300 signs she does are for animals.  So she loves a chance to see them in action.  Her absolute favorites this time were the bears, the chickens, the sea lions, and the elephants. Nick swears he even heard her say "ele-bah."  Exciting stuff.  When it's not so busy, she loves to spend time with the giraffes and zebras, fish, goats, hippos, and crocodiles.  The fun of the zoo is that there is so much to see.

Captivated by the bears, once again!

Cora even decided to practice "walking," and insisted that she be put down to practice strolling down the paths on her unsteady little feet, holding two hands of course.

We even got to finally show Daddy little Baby Lily, the 4 month old elephant.  She is so cute, but is tricky to photograph playing with her mommy and eating!

Reaching for her Daddy.  Apparently Momma just wasn't cutting it anymore.

Overall, it was a nice chance to get outside together as a family.  We're getting excited for spring to really arrive, and are gearing up for a trip to Grammie and Grampie's next weekend.  And now for a glimpse of our silly little trio.


  1. Yay! Fun day at the zoo. Thanks, girls, for showing me such a good time. Can't wait until the sun comes out and it's warmer so we can go again ;-) ~D

  2. How fun! Owen's favorite signs are animal ones too. I like your reel of pics from the zoo--cute!

  3. Those family pictures are so cute!

  4. 300 signs!!! That's awesome!!! Oh, and the zoo is cool too. :)


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