Sunday, March 10, 2013

Practically Perfect

The last several days have felt practically perfect.

The terrible-two-attitude that has been pervading so many of our days over the last month or two seems to have subsided, bringing back the happy, smiley, silly goose that makes every day brighter.

Of course a mama's love is unconditional, but days filled with whining, hitting and all-around orneriness get hard.  Especially when they start to feel never-ending. 

Our sickness offered a reprieve, in a way.  Our once-busy schedule was wiped clean and replaced with hours of television and snuggles.  My seemingly endless cyclical and over-analytical thoughts and stresses were calmed by our break from the outside world.

By the time we were healthy, both our attitudes had shifted.  I was less stressed.  Cora was happier, nicer, sweeter. 

Lately our days have been filled with laughter and play and way more fun.  And Cora is soaking it all in.  A couple of days ago at dinner Cora had the entire dining room eating out of her hands.  Blowing kisses, waving, and offering to share her food, she managed to captivate the whole room.  People just couldn't look away.  And I totally get it.  I can barely look away myself.

I've been wanting to capture this side of her in photos, but somehow it's elusive.  Yesterday we took the camera as we prepared to set off to the park as a family, excited to enjoy the beautiful weather and let our increasingly mobile girl get out some energy.  But alas, I put a damper on our mood when I caught sweet Cora's little chin in the clasp of her helmet.  We were both pretty shaken up by it, although she forgave me immediately.  A little more somber than before, we still managed a nice afternoon.

We're getting ready to pick up the pace a little in the coming days.  But I hope to keep our attitudes light, to continue to enjoy our moments.

It's amazing how good that can feel.



  1. I'm glad everyone's mood is better!!! Love, love, love the pics!

  2. Jealous of your spring-like weather! Cora is adorable!

  3. Wonderful pictures! You know I love to read about Cora charming the world. She's already melted our hearts:)

  4. Beautiful photos. I hope as things get busier you all continue with the calm. That is a feeling I need to work on having more of!


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