Monday, July 22, 2013

3 (21) Down Syndrome Blog Hop!

One Truth:

As much as I ADORE my little girl, there are times when it feels like it all sucks.  Periodic twinges of pain when I feel sad about the things that she is not doing yet, and may never do.  Days when all the appointments and worries and stresses feel overwhelming.  Days when I just want to talk about it all without feeling like it means that I don't love her through and through.

These moments don't make me a bad parent, and don't diminish my love for Cora.  They just make me human.

One Tip:

Don't underestimate your child's intelligence.  A cognitive disability or limited verbal communication does not mean that your child is not smart. 

Assume that your child can understand you.  Especially when it comes to ice cream.  Assume that your child understands everything about ice cream, including signs, finger spelling, and all of the code you will come up with.  Children seem to come equipped with a radar for these things.  At least mine does.

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  1. I hear you, Leah! There are definitely times when things either seem overwhelming or just downright unfair. But that's a powerful thing. Oh, and so is ice cream!

  2. Laughing about the ice cream. And I so wish more people would know that ID/DD does not mean lack of intelligence! She's adorable.

  3. Excellent! That's the thing I want people to know the most too. Just because Russell cannot talk doesn't mean he doesn't understand! Also...You're not alone in your feelings Leah. I still go through rough patches too. So I hear ya!

  4. It's definitley tough sometimes but the love is strong!

  5. One truth: Cora is one of the funniest people I know. I get genuine stomach aches from laughing with my adorable little girl. She really knows how to crack daddy up!

    One tip: don't leave your slippers laying around ;-)

    One photo (aka big cheekies):

  6. Ah yes...Ice Cream. Marcus first complete spoken sentence: I want ice cream please.
    So we had ice cream. For Breakfast.
    Priorities :)


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