Monday, July 15, 2013

Move your Body!

Cora has been loving this summer.  We've been spending many hours at the park, where she has been climbing and swinging, sliding and walking (with assistance).  It's been a blast.

Today we got to go the very cool park by Grammie's house. 

Cora brought her new favorite thing:  her ybike!  She's recently discovered the joys of riding it, but hasn't ridden it outside much, until now.  What an amazing thing, to have her "running" along beside us, upright and without holding onto our hands.  Most of the time she rides by standing up and running along, although she can sit when she gets tired.  It's really great practice.  I think I'm getting a taste of what it feels like to have a truly mobile, quick little toddler. 

The platform swing was pretty exciting too... with good core-stability practice too!

Cora practiced her cruising skills along the rope net to get to her Grammie.  Look at her go!

Then Grammie helped her do some rope walking.

And don't forget about making some beautiful music.

What a gorgeous morning at the park! 


  1. What a lovely playground! Glad you are finally enjoying this summer!

  2. Nice cruising, Cora! She is clearly loving that park and who wouldn't?! So happy to hear you are outside and enjoying the weather. I need to look into that cool bike too.

  3. This warms my heart! GO CORA!

  4. Your first paragraph made my heart so happy - I'm glad you are all well and able to be outside enjoying the summer! I've been thinking about the ybike for Ben - it's neat to see Cora using hers so much.

  5. That park looks awesome!!! Glad to hear you're having a good summer :)

  6. Shake it, baby shake it! It looks like Cora loves being out and about :)

  7. That looks amazing! Fun and therapeutic.

  8. Isn't it funny how you begin to describe activities as therapies! everything has a therapeutic value to parents of kids with special needs! I do it too....
    I saw those push bikes online and have hesitated to buy one (because I have bought so many and none have been very good) but if Cora is moving along nicely on it I might try one for my boy.
    We are hanging out for the summer ! You enjoy it while it lasts!


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