Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One is Silver and the Other's Gold

With as busy as life gets, it can be so easy to put things aside and really miss out.  I feel that way about my friendships so often.

A couple of my very best friends live right here in Portland.  These are the kind of friends that feel like family. I remember years ago talking about how we'd all one day live in the same town on the same street, watching our kids grow up together.  Yet inevitably, too much time passes by between visits.  And I know that I am so lucky to have them here so close, and that it may not always be that way.  Our friendships have already survived years of living in completely different parts of the country and even one long break.  So I should know not to take them for granted.

I am so happy that after all the "shoulds", we finally got to have some wonderful time with a couple of them over the weekend.  The few of us packed up our tents and drove out to Mt. Hood National Forest, where we camped along a beautiful little creek.

We spent our time lounging by the fire, sharing food and conversation, throwing rocks in the creek, and taking a hike up to a tiny mountain lake.

And one of the best parts was watching Cora make friends with 5-year old Samara.  As I've talked about in the past, Miss Beanie has always been very shy around other children.  Usually she spends her playdates safely hiding in my lap.  Her past visits with Samara have usually involved Cora hiding or crying.

But sweet Samara was so patient.  And by the end of the weekend, she got this to show for her efforts.

Photo by Libby Randles

Seeing Cora beginning to make friends and bridging that connection to a next generation of friendships... it's exciting and so endearing.

So thank you to my friends. You mean so much to me.  I can't wait for our next visits.


  1. What a wonderful post. I'm so happy that those kids got to hang out. Brings so much joy to my life seeing Cora connect with people ;-)

  2. Samara looks like a special friend for your daughter, definitely a friendship to nurture. My girl is having her 10th birthday party tomorrow and we are inviting 4 girls and 4 boys, all of who have become special friends to her. Nothing fills my heart more with appreciation and joy when I see how they treat my daughter, they go the extra mile to be her friend, and I am so grateful to them. I now exactly how you feel!


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