Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 for 21- Day 11: Out on the Town

Lately we've been mixing it up a bit around here and going out in the evening more frequently.  We'd been trying to be super consistent with Cora's sleep schedule, but it really doesn't seem to be reducing the night wakings, so we figured some periodic evenings out could probably help all of us. 

Last week one of Nick's cousins was up from Los Angeles to display his art in one of the downtown Portland galleries.  So we packed up the little Bean and went out.  The pieces were beautiful, and Cora loved the colors.  Packed into the tiny little room, she oohed and aahed over the lights and the paintings until it was time to go home.  She was the only baby we saw out at the art walk that night.

Then the next day we took Cora to Nick's favorite sour beer brewery to spend time with our friends Shane and Christine.  Nick and I shared a lovely chicken cordon bleu sandwich, some house made pickles and a small plate with cheese, pears, honey and crackers.  Cora nibbled some puffs, sat on the table and entertained us.

It was definitely nice to get out a bit, rather than subscribe to the idea that having a baby prevents us from doing anything.  And the fact that she has Down syndrome?  Doesn't even factor in, although unless you count the extra cuteness that that extra chromosome seems to add, making her a bit of a star everywhere she goes.

Cora discovered the ceiling fan right from the start.
 Nice cuddles with her Teenie.

 This looks like another great thing to grab!


  1. Oh she is so cute! I am so glad you guys are having fun out and about! It is fun to share experiences with your children!

  2. Too cute! I hope for your sanity, she starts sleeping through the night again! I hate it when my child/children are the only ones somewhere...I feel like everyone is judging me :-) By the way, she does have extra cuteness!

  3. Good for you guys! We take the little guy out with us at least once a week and (usually) it goes pretty well. Ceiling fans were definitely a hit when he was younger, and now we try to get a window seat for prime car/truck viewing- that goes a long way. And crackers, lots of crackers. I say we 6 make a date soon for burgers and beers!

  4. I agree with the extra cuteness comment! She is adorable!

  5. I LOVE the hair clip! She is such a doll.


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