Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21- Day 7: What's on Her Mind?

I wonder what is on my little girlie's mind sometimes...

Oh, she's pretty good at communicating how she feels.  When she smiles, it's usually a full-body event, with wriggles and giggles and coos.  When she starts to stick out her lower lip and scrunch her chubby little face into angry redness it's pretty clear what she's thinking.  And when she gets really excited and starts to shake while reaching for the front of my shirt...  again, pretty good communication.

But what about when she babbles up a storm, experimenting with tones and pitch and syllables, sometimes stretching a sound out until it disappears into a whisper, usually leaving us laughing and very impressed with her breath support?  And what about when she gazes off, sweetly sucking a sweatered thumb? It's then that I wonder what's going through her mind.

Is she talking about all the fun things we've done today?  Is she remembering the time we spent playing on the therapy ball and practicing sitting, or eating small chunks of banana?  Or maybe she's thinking of the fun we had at the pool today or the new experience of gumming her first rice puffs? 

Whatever it is she's trying to say, listening to her go on and on and on makes me smile.  Keep those words coming, Little Beanie girl!

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  1. We just commented on this tonight with Hailey. They always have seem to have so much to say...I just wonder what it is!


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