Monday, October 31, 2011

31 for 21- Day 31: Ta-da!!!

This is it... the final post for the 31 for 21 challenge. 

Have you learned anything new about Down syndrome this month?

Checked out any new blogs?

Fell in love with the adorable faces of any cuties sporting designer genes?

I know I have.

This has been a great challenge for me and I hope I've lived up to it well.   Not all of my posts this month have been about Ds, as you will notice.  And that's just because our lives don't revolve around Ds.  But we are affected by it, in a powerful and often wonderful way.

Most of all we are affected by the crazy love we have for this silly little girl who's become the center of our lives.  And we are so happy for all that she's brought us, including new awareness, new friends and a new focus on life.

I may take a little breather after posting daily for the last few weeks, but I think I've become inspired to step it up a bit.  So you may just be seeing a little more of me (and of cute little Cora too).  And thank you to all the other parents participating in 31 for 21 this month.  You inspire me, make me laugh and make me cry.   

For my readers who may not have checked out many of the other blogs I follow, you can find their links in my sidebar.  I seem to be adding more all the time.  

And if you want to contribute to promoting awareness for Down syndrome, please share this blog or others with your friends and family.  Goodness knows that the more real, accurate and true-to-life information that is shared, the better informed people will be about the kind of blessing a child with Ds can be.  It may not be a perfect life, but it is a life worth living. 

Happy Halloween.  Have fun with your little (and big) trick-or-treaters tonight.  Thank you for reading.  It means so much to me.


  1. Good work Leah! blogging so much is hard work. I've enjoyed getting to know and of course look at those pretty pictures!) miss Cora this month. Enjoy your break...well deserved!

  2. She is the cutest little lady bug ever! Cora has the best facial expressions--just melts my heart :)


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