Monday, October 3, 2011

31 for 21- Day 3: 21 Things about Cora

1. Cora is allergic to peas. They make her vomit profusely for hours. Or they did once. We don't intend to try again just to see.

2. Her nickname is Cora Bean (obviously). We like to call her Beanie.

3. She was born in our living room and spent the first 24 hours at home with us before going to the hospital. We are both grateful for that experience and for that first day of peace.

4. Miss Cora is boy-crazy. She seems to prefer men to women, especially when they're strangers. Bearded men are the best.

5. She was born 18 days early and spent 18 days in the NICU.

6. Cora would be happy if her only toy was a cold beer bottle. But she doesn't drink beer.

7. She has the cutest lippy ever and she will gladly bring out her pouty lip if she hasn't seen you in a few days.

8. Cora always giggles when you squeeze her thigh and squeal "Goosey, goosey, goosey!"

9. Cora has 2 cats: Cayenne and Izzie. They're not nearly as interested in her as she is in them, although they do sometimes try and walk on her. She is great at grabbing their fur.

10. Hospitalized for almost 3 weeks for feeding issues and largely tube fed for almost 3 months, she has since gone from 25% on the Ds growth chart to 75% (after successful open heart surgery). She's now roly-poly... our little short and stout Beanie girl.

11. Her heart, which once had more holes than walls, is now perfectly repaired. She will very likely not need any more treatment for her heart, ever.

12. Cora LOVES to go swimming and spends the entire time babbling and sucking on her hand and/or foot.

13. She looks so much like her Daddy even though she has a lot of her Mumma's features.

14. With the exception of heart failure, heart surgery and a very mild case of the sniffles, she is very healthy and has never been sick.

15. Cora attracts people like a magnet wherever she goes. Everyone seems to want to ooh and ah over our Beanie girl.

16. She loves to gouge our eyes and the insides of our mouths with her fingernails. And she's pretty darn persistent about it.

17. She has a lovely singing voice. I think she may get it from me. We spend many hours singing together.

18. She happens to be the cutest baby I have ever seen and I'm sure there is no bias involved at all.

19. Cora learned to breastfeed when she was 3 months old, after barely being able to take a bottle beforehand. Although originally not a fan of it, she is a very enthusiastic nurser now and is even starting to demand it throughout the night (Oh no!)

20. Cora loves to read books, touch the pictures, turn the pages and talk about it all.

21. She has been the recipient of a great many prayers, for which her parents are extremely grateful. They certainly did the trick!


  1. We called Hailey Jellybean when I was pregnant. We now call her Hailey Bean or just Bean. I definitely wouldn't try the peas again either! Not worth repeating the vomiting!

  2. Cora is fantastic. It's so much fun to read about all of our kids' personalities!

  3. Oh, I love this and thanks for sharing the great, and not so great (vomiting) parts of Cora Beanie ;)


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