Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21- Day 18: Sweet Baby Love: Our Rituals

Today I've been thinking of the rituals that Cora and I share.  Those cherished recurring moments in our days.

Like that minute when she's finished nursing and relaxes on the nursing pillow, snuggled in tight, gazing up at me with the sweetest little eyes and a content satisfied face.

Or the first 20 minutes of our mornings spent in bed, singing, smiling, giggling, and babbling (and usually letting Daddy try to sleep).

And stopping by the mirror to wave and smile at the cute baby and her Mumma.

Or getting settled into sleep, both of us lying on our sides, nose to nose, her tucked in a little ball with her feet in my lap, pacifier in mouth.  I think Cora thinks she's putting me to sleep too, since she usually pats my face as she drifts into dreamland.

And that smiley, giggly time just after her baths, complete with a jojoba oil massage.

These ephemeral little rituals are such a lovely part of my days.  I'm so grateful for these small moments and know that it won't be long before they fade into our history and make way for new ones to come.


  1. Oh, that is such a lovely list! These times with our babies is just the best. Tonight as I was holding Bailey and we were giggling back and forth over nothing, just enjoying being together, I was thinking how much fun it is just to be with her! You describe it so perfectly in this post!

  2. Absolutely perfect! I try to take in all those little moments!

  3. truly lovely. it is so important isn't it, to hold these moments tight and cherish them.


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