Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 for 21- Day 15: Called Out

This week I experienced something for the first time.  And yes, it took 9 whole months to happen.

At a consignment sale, the check-out woman gushed over the Beanie girl.  Then she asked me if I knew so-and-so.  I said that I didn't and asked her if I looked familiar.  She said no, then paused, and asked if we were at the Buddy Walk.  What a great way to ask or confirm that someone has Down syndrome!

It turns out her good friend orchestrates the Buddy Walk for a local community, which wasn't the Buddy Walk that we participated in.  But even so, it was a fun interaction and left me smiling as we walked out the door.  Cora even decided to display some of her silliest raspberries and smiles too.

Lately I've been wondering what people think when they see Cora and whether they are wondering if she has Ds. But the truth is, I really don't care.  I seldom volunteer that little fact when someone stops to say hello or try to get a smile out of my pretty girl.  But when involved in real conversations I'll share.  The other day I met a great woman at the pool with her 4 month old son (who weighed about the same as Cora).  We talked for about 20 minutes, during which time I talked a bit about Ds.  Judging by her reaction, it wasn't a surprising revelation.  And it felt good to talk about Cora and our lives, her diagnosis, and parenting.

I guess I am happy that Cora being recognized as a member of the club really made me so happy.  Early on I was afraid of how I'd feel when this happened. I am thankful that it was a positive interaction, since they may not realistically all be that way.  But so far, our experiences have been overwhelmingly good.  We've been blessed to be surrounded by people who have welcomed Cora with open arms.  Life is good.


  1. I know what you mean. Also, if I mention it and they say 'yes' like they feels weird though. Not in a negative way, just like people know something that I want to be the one to share, but he does it just by how he looks or acts or whatever it is.

  2. My oldest likes to "out" his sister. Usually someone will talk about how cute she is and he jumps in with "She has Down syndrome and she's nursing now" The first few times it made me uncomfortable, but now I just smile and laugh =)

  3. How could they not be positive and gushing miss bean is just to cute! So glad that ignorence of our children is going to the curb! great pix Happy awareness month! smiles

  4. My husband and I debate this one a lot - he thinks that people don't know that Bailey has Ds, and he being an extraordinarily extroverted person just offers up the information immediately. I, on the other hand, think people already know and don't ever feel the need to bring it up. Cora is so stinking cute that I think people will gush over her no matter if they know or not!

  5. Sometimes I wish that the people with whom I have memorable random encounters/intreactions with could know what an impact they had made on my day/life.

    In Samantha's first year, I felt like I had to tell everyone I came across that she had Ds. I'm sure part of it was because I needed to talk and find connections, and part of it was that I was (strangely) worried that people would see it and think that *I* didn't know. LOL Weird, but I felt like I needed to let people know that I knew. haha It has passed, and now I never talk about it unless someone brings it up. Otherwise, Sammi's just another kid. :-)

  6. I'm nervous for that day to happen!! I don't know what I'll say! I kind of want people to know though! I am not ashamed of it at all. Cora is too cute!

  7. I'm glad you had such a positive experience! I agree with everyone else too that Cora is the cutest!


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