Monday, October 17, 2011

31 for 21- Day 17: Sniffling and Sneezing

Today was a pretty typical Monday.  Work for me during naptime (which was strangely short this afternoon), a walk in the cold morning air, a visit to the chiropractor for Cora and for me, and lots of snuggling. Cora seems to have come down with her first cold.  I guess it was a little presumptuous of me to be patting us all on the back for her having stayed healthy all this time.

But it seems to be pretty mild at the moment, and we're hoping it gets better rather than worse, especially since we have a date with Cora's friend Anthony and his awesome parents later this week.

I'm fighting my own throat tickling, a real bummer since I had a cold a few short weeks ago.  So it's been a pretty mellow day.  I'll be taking my usual supplements: Vitamin D, a food-based multi, fish oil and probiotics, in addition to some extra immune support.  Cora gets her own probiotics, but the rest she'll get second hand from me.  Let's hope they do the trick.

On a fun note, we just got our first Baby Signing Time video in the mail today.  Cora is already enthralled, so we're hoping it will inspire us to amp up our signing efforts and hopefully give Cora a leg up too. 

Happy Monday.

Little sniffly, sneezie Beanie. Happy enough as long as I stay close by.


  1. must be in the air. Hailey had the same thing this weekend. Knock on wood, hers seemed to pass quickly. She seems better today. Try running a helped during the night to sleep and we elevated one end of her crib. Good luck!!

  2. Feel better soon Cora! Ben just had his first cold last month. The nasal aspirator was my best friend but was thankful the cold didn't became anything more serious.

    Our Baby Signing Time video came last week:)

  3. The top picture looks so much like a couple baby pictures of you!

    I can't wait to see her sitting with my own eyes.


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