Friday, October 14, 2011

31 for 21- Day 14: Is She Really 9 Months Old?

9 months.  9 whole months.  Cora's been with us now longer than I was pregnant.  Add up all that time and it really feels like she's always been here, even when the time is flying by.

She had her 9 month well-baby visit yesterday.  Sometimes I just have to marvel that she's well enough for a well baby visit, after so many early visits that were anything but.  Everything looks great.  She's 16 pounds and just under 26 inches.  Yes, she is growing and thriving.

But the most fun new development has been that Miss Cora has started sitting independently!

Now I don't really have anything to compare my feelings to, since I've never had another child.  I'm sure that it's exciting when a typically-developing baby learns to sit.  But I just can't get over how thrilled I am about this.  We've been working with her for months largely focusing on sitting and it was feeling like it could still be take quite some time.  And now, suddenly, with no warning, she's just sitting, chilling, hanging out with the rest of us.  With no help and mostly without throwing herself backward. Even last weekend she was still a little wobbly, but now she's so much steadier, sitting by herself for several minutes at a time. 

So we are very proud of our little Beanie.  I just love seeing her sitting there, smiling at me.  Like she's been doing it forever.  The view must be so much better than lying on the floor or falling over after being propped up.

It's a much better view for me.  And if doing these impressive things means that she's going to keep on growing up, I guess that's OK with me too!

Despite my efforts, these are the best sitting photos so far. More to come!


  1. Oh My! What a big girl! I am so proud of you Cora. It's amazing how it just happens overnight, and how normal it seems to bebe, like they've always been able to do it. There is something so incredibly precious about a sitting baby. Especially before they can get all over the place with more ability. It was one of my favorite phases. I hope you really enjoy it Leah. It is also the best time to go get pro pictures taken. I want to take Kai, but he won't sit still for a moment and now he has bruises and scratches all over. :P

    Oh my goodness, she's so squeezable and eatable! Yum yum yum! I want to nibble that little neck!

    I can't wait till we get to see you guys at Christmas!!!


  2. Yay for sitting!! This was a HUGE accomplishment for us, I totally understand your excitement. Good job Cora!

  3. Way to go Cora! It's so much fun when they can sit up. It's like a whole new world for both of us since Kennedy started sitting! Enjoy it!!

  4. Yay Cora!!! Hopefully Hailey decides to join the rest of the big girls soon :-) I think Hailey can no longer be called peanut...she weighed 15 lbs 12 oz just last week at 7 1/2 mths old. Yikes! Hailey is #3 and I can imagine I will be just as excited with her as I was the other two.

  5. Woohoo for Cora! I loved it when Bailey started sitting up. It's way easier to take pictures when they're not laying on the ground. :)

  6. Hooray, Cora! Sitting is a really big deal- I think it was my favorite motor milestone so far. Playing with toys (and bathtime!) is much more fun when you can sit.

  7. Yay! I can't wait to see her sit :)

  8. Way to go Cora and happy 9 months!


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