Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Guilty Canadian

I just discovered yesterday that it is Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness Week.

Even if I had known at the beginning of the week, I already missed doing a daily post by missing Tuesday. I admit I felt a little off-kilter not writing, even though I know I was looking forward to the blogging break after the 31 for 21 challenge.

I think I am feeling a little guilty about not being part of the Canadian challenge, since I am 3/4 Canadian.  At least I think that's right.  My mum is Canadian and my dad is half Canadian.  Yeah, 3/4, that's right.  Does it make me any more Canadian that I was actually born in Canada too? And what does that make the Beanie girl?  3/8 Canadian?  Not sure that my high school math skills are up to thinking about fractions right now. 

The Canadian in me comes out when I say "mum" instead of "mom" and say "eh" at the ends of my sentences.  But even though I was born in Canada, I've spent 26 of my almost 34 years in the States.  When in Canada people call me American.  And here I get called Canadian.

Some of my favorites things about Canada are all the family members we have who live there.  Why, Miss Cora has even been there twice already.  So I guess in that respect we've already been contributing to Ds awareness.

So hello out there to my fellow Canadians!  This 3/4 Canadian and her 3/8 Canadian little Bean want to promote awareness for Down syndrome.  Even if we don't blog every day for the rest of the week...

"Hey Mum!  Do prunes promote awareness?"


  1. They promote bowel awareness! So funny! "eh"! Live in Minnesoooda, don cha know?!" (I'm close anyways!)

  2. We love Canada. It's outrageous that Canada always has to play second fiddle to the States. For example they only get a Down Syndrome Awareness Week whereas we Americans get a whole month. It's so typical. Well, Happy Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness week anyway.

  3. Happy Canadian Down Syndrome Week, 3/8 Canadian Cora! Love, Ellie

  4. Ahhh....the "eh" at the end of your sentences :-) My oldest does that and I have no idea why. We've been to Niagara Falls a few times but he definitely is not Canadian! The prunes must have been quite tasty!

  5. Haha, well I AM Canadian and I found these comments hilarious!! I say "eh" all the time! I just found out it was Ds awareness week here...But I already blogged all of Oct so I figure I'm good!

  6. She's one cute little girl, Canadian or not : )


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