Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ornament Giveaway

I've been watching some great blog giveaways for months.  Miss Cora even won some adorable little barrettes from a giveaway at A Perfect Lily.

So I figure it's time for me to post a giveaway.  And since we're coming up on the holidays... how about an ornament, customized for your family?

My beautiful friend Christine has a lovely Etsy shop, This Fine Day, which specializes in handmade wooden pieces for weddings.  She mixes it up a little come Christmas-time and last year surprised us with this beautiful little piece, as we waited for Miss Cora's arrival.

Mommy To Be Ornament 
Mommy To Be Ornament- Can Be Personalized

So I was thinking that maybe one of you would like a similar ornament.  Whether you're expecting, have a new baby, or a small family (I imagine it may be challenging to create one with a LOT of kids, but I wouldn't put it past her...)

Wouldn't this be a sweet addition to your tree this year?  You can choose any of the ornaments from her shop.  She will customize with the year and your family or baby's name on the back. Like "Cora's First Christmas 2011," for example.

Baby's First Christmas
Finch Baby's First Christmas Ornament -  Can Be Personalized

And for those who want to place an order in time for the holidays, she's willing to give 20% off orders, if you apply the shop coupon code "corabean" in your order.  And if you prefer jewelry gifts, check our her jewelry shop, Teenie Birdie.

To enter, leave a comment on today's post.  I'll announce the winner this Friday.

And just for the cute of it, a little bit of the Bean for your viewing pleasure...

"Ha! Ha!  I tricked Daddy into taking me off my tummy!"

"Wait!  Where is that Daddy?  Is he hiding behind the camera?"

"Woo hoo!  This is way more fun than working out on the crawling track."

"Hey Daddy! I've got YOU figured out!"


  1. Too cute!! Love that smile. What's with these babies not wanting to work?

  2. She is the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. I was just sharing your story with a friend whos baby newphew just had surgery. I showed them her Halloween outfit. Such an angel. =) Meredith Smith

  3. Super cute ornaments!

    And Miss Cora is adorable as usual. :)

  4. Love getting my dose of Cora! Hailey doesn't work as hard for dad as she does mom :-)

  5. Love her peaking behind the camera. Very cute. Kamdyn's Daddy is a BIG softy. The other night when he got home, Kamdyn was wearing her hip helpers, and you would have thought that I had made her wear a torture device lol. They were promptly removed. Sucker Daddy ; )

  6. Beautiful ornaments! Miss Cora is adorable as always. btw, I really like your blog header :)

  7. Those ornaments are so cute!! As is the little daddy manipulator! :)

  8. adorable pics and my daughter's middle name is Cora (which is her great great great grandmother's name)...love your cute captions to the pics too :)

  9. Could she be any cuter!!! I love her so much!!! Miss you guys so much!

  10. That is the sweetest ornament! I love how you capture exactly what she is thinking in those photos... it is almost like I can hear her saying your words :)

  11. Those are such cute ornaments! I love the owl ones :)

  12. I've been so caught up in my own life (i.e. Felix is almost 6 months now, Desmond is in PreK now, teaching 1st/2nd grade full-time, grandmother passing, wrecked my car, bought a new one, etc.), that I've been neglecting your blog... nice to be back :) She's growing so fast!!! Sitting and looking so strong!

    This ornament thing is tres cool. Super sweet. Leah, you totally rock. Can't wait to get our kiddos together someday :)

  13. I'm too late for the giveaway I think but still wanted to say how darling I find the ornaments - not as darling, however, as your little darling!


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